Enterprise profile

  Guangdong Anboly Sanitary Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-techenterprises and manufacturer of high quality toilet tank fittings and squattingwater tank. The company integrates scientific research, development,manufacture and sale.

  Innovation makes the future". Anboly have first-class talentsand advanced technology, in the peer leader, several technologies acquirednational patents. The advantages of our products are: water saving, energysaving, environmental protection and durability". On this basis, we payspecial attention to the innovation of product quality, and make great effortsin research and development, and accomplish "developing a generation,researching a generation, conceiving a generation"".

  The company has modern advanced equipment, with large-scaleproduction capacity. Products from development to production to form a completeset of production technology flow. The realization of system managementstrictly in the production process, technical staff myrmidon operations,checking equipment, measuring instruments, attention to detail differences oneach procedure strictly controlled, to ensure product quality. Which makes Anbolyproud of is with strong technical strength, rich experience and awareness ofthe industry, in 2016, Anboly become the industry standard to participate inthe formulation, by the State Administration of quality supervision invited toparticipate in the new national standard GB25502-2017 "make toilet waterefficiency limit and water efficiency rating". It is the only toilet tankfitting company to be the drafting unit.

  Our products had paased the following certificates: CUPC ,CE,WaterMark ,K-MARK certification, CQC. Our products had been open to theinternational market and sold to all parts of the world.

  Anboly is sincere to cooperation with customers, to join hands forthe benefit of the global!