Talent concept

We convince: Manpower is the first resource of enterprise and the root of enterprise development.
We think: Every person is manpower; we pay close attention to now, development and future of every staff and company 's most success is every staff's success.
We advocate: Motherland is together with company, undertaking with home, individual with group, competition with union, doing concrete things with innovation, criticism with self-criticism together.
We will try our best to achieve: Person fitting the position and the position suitable for the person., make every person's intelligence have space and stage for his full play.
We should require ourselves moment by moment: Man-oriented and boundless innovation.
We not only keep the staff by salary, but also like to keep them by undertaking and emotion.
We should require ourselves moment by moment: Man -oriented and boundless innovation, praise able people that have political integrity and professional competence, train elite personnel, create opportunities for global most excellent personnel, and build a wide undertaking development stage for them, which make them grow up continuously and realize the dream. We cherish every staff, originality, respect every person and attach importance to the contribution of every staff.
Our manpower value: Manpower is a dynamic concept. The reason for a person that can be named a manpower is that his morality, value idea, world outlook, life outlook, professional ability should be accorded with enterprise requirement and be able to enter and pull enterprise's progress.
We encourage and cause every staff to use his high expectation to lead himself, high standard to require him, challenge to encourage him, fighting and growing with the company.
We hope by constant efforts of every staff, create world name brand and establish a hundred years southern defense, use our wisdom achievement to make the world run safely and make contributions to human's happy life.